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Being stranded on the side of the road near the forest at night is the kind of story you find suitable for a horror movie. Some very famous movies were actually based on places around New Mexico! Don’t let a minor set back though turn into a true horror story. Call the experts at Sandia Heights Towing. We’ve been specializing in winch outs, jackknife, off-road recovery, towing service, roadside assistance and 24 hour towing in Sandia Heights, NM for years!

About Us

We are part of a large chain of different towing companies all across the United States. In spite of this though, we like to think of ourselves as completely local. That is because we believe that sure the expertise that we have gathered to perform most of our services we may have gained elsewhere. Earning the trust of Sandy Heights and nearby area residents is something that we have gathered through our years right here! What we want to do is continue to grow as a company in the area. Providing even better services for you. We continue to move on because that is what we want to help you do on the road!


Our Services

Towing is basically part of our DNA. What we really offer though is knowing how to deal with individual situations. Why do we say that? Well, if we can help you get right back on the road without having to tow your car we will! If you are in a bad wreck that sees your vehicle end up in a bad spot we will evaluate the situation and find out what the best way to get your car back upright is! You can trust us to do what is best for you at all times!

24 Hour Roadside Assistance
Couple near tow-truck picking up broken car
Sandia Heights Towing - Heavy Duty Towing and Rotator Service

Sandia Heights
Towing Service

The roads around here aren’t exactly the easiest drive you will have in your life. That is mostly due to the fact that we live in an area near a forest and the road doesn’t just run straight through it. A tougher drive sadly makes for more constant incidents. When any of these incidents happen to you it may be a good idea to have a towing service close at hand that you can call and know that they will take care of your car!

Tow Truck

We have a vast line-up of tow trucks that are capable of providing a wide variety of towing services. Towing a small sedan and towing an R.V. is not quite the same thing. Different trucks are needed to provide the service. That is why when you call or contact us we will ask you what type of vehicle you would need us to tow. That way we can make sure that we get the right truck to your location!

Woman calling for assistance with flat tire on car in the city
Jaruen Sab Tow Truck
Sandia Heights Towing - Full Wrecker Service

Full Wrecker

Being in a wreck is already bad enough. If you Call in a towing service that does not know how to properly handle vehicles in these situations we can guarantee those bad things will get worse! We can provide a wrecker service that will guarantee that your car gets were it needs to be quick. Without having us do any more damages to your car. If you then need to have your taken to the shop later on or just fully removed from a place we can also provide that service!

Heavy Duty Towing & Rotator Service

When a large truck breaks down or has any type of issue on the road things can get very complicated. A lot of times this will mean that traffic around the area will have to come to a complete stop until people like us can come in and get the truck off the road. We can make sure that your truck is removed from the road quickly. Even if it has landed on its side or flipped over. That is what our rotator service is for! If any type of vehicle that you own ends up on its side or just in any position that doesn’t happen to be upright we can come in and make sure that it is put upright after we are done!

Sandia Heights Towing - Heavy Duty Towing and Rotator Service
Sandia Heights Towing - Winch Out and Rollback Service
Sandia Heights Towing - 24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Winch Out &
Rollback Service

These services are meant to help cars that are unable to move on their own at all. Winch out services will pull cars out of tight spaces to be able to set up a towing service or get vehicles out of an off-road situation. In some cases when we pull them out they are able to continue on on their own! Rollback services are essentially platforms upon which cars are loaded on. These platforms then lift the car onto the back of our trucks and we drive them away safely!

24 Hour Roadside

The highways and roads around here are really tough places. We know that there are plenty of issues that can come up and literally ruin your day. That is of course if you don’t get the proper and timely help that you need to get right back on the road. Our 24 Hour Roadside Assistance service is geared towards getting you right back on the road as soon as possible!

My kid and his friends were in an accident when I was out of town. I was literally losing my mind knowing that I couldn’t help. I called Sandia Heights Towing and they literally took care of everything. Even letting me know they were safe and sound. I don’t ever think that I’ll use another service other than theirs!

Trisha M.

I was in an accident recently and I needed to get my car to and from the shop multiple times. I relied heavily on the services of the guys at Sandia Heights Towing and they did not disappoint. They got my car on time and back home every single time!

Marcus K.

I own a couple of classic cars that I have to get constantly from place to place. The roads around here aren’t exactly friendly so what I do a lot of times is call Sandia Heights Towing. They always do a great job I highly recommend them!

Austin P.

Contact Us Today

If you are stuck in a tough situation along hwy 423 towing sandia heights is probably a service that you are going to need. Call or contact us quickly so that we can get a truck to your location quickly. Be sure to provide as much information as you can so that our team will be able to get you the right type of assistance.