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About Us

Sandia Heights Towing - About

If you are looking for a towing service Sandia Heights just so happens to be home to one of the best of them! At Sandia Heights Towing we are part of a long chain of towing services that spread throughout the entire country. Here in Sandy Heights specifically we’ve been serving the local community with our towing service for many years. Basically, our intention as a company is to continue to grow with the area. We know that people are not happy when they have to call in a towing service. What we have seen first hand though, is how people’s faces will literally change once they feel that they are out of harm's way! Being able to make sure that people and their vehicles are moved to a safe spot after being in a wreck or having their car breakdown by the side of the road is also something that brings a smile to our lips.

That is not only something that we say just to sound nice. We literally care about the well being of the people that we get the opportunity to help. Although our job mostly involves taking care of their vehicles we know that it is them that we are actually helping. Our entire services revolve around the idea of making people feel safe and relieved. We try to imprint that idea in the mind of every single person that is part of our staff. We want to be able to continue to serve the Sandia Heights community for many years to come! Contact us today.