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Full Wrecker Service


When you are in a car accident having to spend time thinking about what it is that you are going to have to do with your car can be exhausting and troublesome. You have enough on your plate as it is worrying about having to get better if you are hurt. Of course, the bills are a problem and plenty of other things that come up. We can literally take away the thought of how you are going to move your car. Whether it is from the side of the road to the shop. Then back to your house or having to go and get it from the impound. We can handle all of that that it is why we call our services full wrecker and heavy duty towing and rotator service.

What To Do Right After A Wreck    

When you are involved in a traffic incident things can happen real fast and you may get lost in what you actually have to do. For the most part, you will have to settle a couple legal issues with the authorities that arrive at the scene. The other issue will have to be calling your insurance company. Here is where you can be proactive. We know that no one plans to be in a wreck ahead of time. Knowing though, the towing services that your insurance company works with can save you a lot of time in the event of a wreck!

Do We Work With Insurance Companies?   

Different companies will have different policies on how they handle towing services. At times the call for a towing service will come directly from the insurance company to us and we will arrive at your location. Other companies require that you pay the service up front and wait to get reimbursed by them. We work with a lot of insurance companies what you can do is give us a call and ask how we can handle things with your insurance company.

A Ride To & From The Shop

At times one single trip to shop after a wreck won’t cut it for a vehicle. Some shops actually have very busy schedules so what they want to do is get certain cars out of their way until they can actually tend to them. We can give your car as many rides to and from the shop as necessary. Just give us a call ahead of time. So that we can plan everything out to get your car there right on time.

Irreparable Causes  

So the crash was extremely bad and the insurance company has already paid you for your vehicle, but know it is literally just sitting there taking up space in your home. We can come in and take it out of your way. You could even take it to a junkyard that may earn you some extra money for the pieces. We know this isn’t exactly something that people want to hear. It is usually better to be prepared for everything though. Knowing who can help can be a good start!