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Heavy Duty Towing & Rotator Service

Sandia Heights Towing - Heavy Duty Towing and Rotator Service

Both of these services are built to handle the most extreme towing situations that we will ultimately be able to face. 18 wheelers are pretty tough to be able to move unless you literally have one of our boom trucks. If these large transportation vehicles are ever in a wreck and need to be lifted up to be put back to their rightful position our cranes can get that done quickly. Remember though that these jobs take place near other structures and maybe other vehicles so hiring a service that has done these types of jobs on numerous occasions can save you from ending up on a Youtube video of how not to perform a rotator service!

18 Wheelers and Big Rigs

Any large truck that is constantly on the road will usually be inching closer to breaking down with every mile it covers. We don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but if you are in the transportation business you know that mechanical issues and even some wrecks are unfortunately part of the job. Having a reliable towing service that you can turn to when this happens can be a great life saver. That is exactly what we want to be for you!

What Is Considered Heavy Duty?

A lot of people with large RV’s and other vehicles similar to those always want to know where their vehicle stands on the scale so to speak. Most tour bus like RVs will fall into the heavy-duty category. If you have an RV that is just a little bit longer than an SUV then you may be ok with a medium towing service. To play it safe though, we would recommend that any time that you need towing service you make sure that the company that you call provides heavy duty towing and winch out & rollback services. This is of course if you are outside of this area of New Mexico. If you are nearby just call us!

Rotator Service

Our boom trucks are equipped with cranes that can be used to lift even some of the heaviest vehicles out on the road. Like it has been mentioned in other areas of the site we can take care of anything south of tank. We may have to amend that though if we are ever called in to handle any type of military grade vehicle! In our day to day though we handle anything from a mini cooper to the largest truck that you have ever seen out there. Putting them back to their rightful position.

Towing Machinery & Materials

When you are building a home, highway, building or just about anything you may need to get pretty heavy materials from place to place. This could be a recurring service that could make the price of the construction skyrocket. Unless of course, you give us a call! We can strike a deal that contemplates the use of our trucks for multiple services at a very decent price.