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Sandia Heights Towing Service

Couple near tow-truck picking up broken car

Sandia Heights is a very unique area in that on one side it is pretty close to Albuquerque and a more urban landscape and roads. On the other side though it is literally sitting on a national park area. It can contain a lot more rural roads and paths. For any driver out there that means that you will have to get used to a couple of different ways to drive depending on the area. For us, it really means that we get a lot more calls from people that need a winch out service from off-road areas than we would in a totally urban landscape. It is really no big deal, but we did have to adjust at first!

Wrecker Services

For a lot of people that are new to the area adjusting to the requirements of each road can be difficult not to mention the fact that not all roads are an easy drive around here. This makes people a lot more prone to accidents. When you are in an accident you are probably going to want to get yourself away from the side of the road as soon as possible. We recommend that you give us a call quickly. Especially if you are riding very lonely roads at night. We can come in and put your vehicle into the back of one of our trucks!

Roadside Assistance

Along those same lines the fact that the roads can be changing constantly may take a bigger toll on some vehicles than it will on others. Especially if the car you are driving isn’t really meant for off-roading, but, you have to constantly drive on roads that are not exactly raceways. Our roadside assistance trucks are always on the road and ready to help. Give them a call if you are experiencing any type of issue

How Far Does Your Coverage Reach?

That is actually a great question. We are based in Sandia Heights, and we actually did this on purpose. The location that Sandia Heights has allows us to cover a wide area that can stretch out towards Albuquerque and in other directions, it can cover a lot of the off-roading issues that people have near the national parks. There is no line in the ground that really limits the total coverage that we can provide. If you are anywhere near this area you can give us a call and we will let you know if we can cover your situation. If not we can surely give one of our colleagues that may be closer to you a call so they can help!

What Type of Vehicles Can You Tow?

In other areas of the site, we go over which ones of our trucks can tow what type of vehicle. The short answer to the question though would be we can handle any type of towing service so you should really not worry about it too much and give us a call! If for whatever reason we won’t be able to provide the service we can let you know who can.