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Tow Truck Service

Tow Truck Service

Knowing exactly what truck to send for each specific job is really a determining factor that could alter the success rate of the services we provide. Quite simply if we didn’t pick the right truck most of the time we would be out of business! That is why we stress to all of our potential customers the importance of being able to describe your vehicle and your situation. Even the smallest vehicles may need a boom truck to lift them out of their current situation. We won’t be able to know though until we get there. If you could give us some help it would be much appreciated.

Light & Medium Towing Services

These are the type of services that most people are going to ask for. Here we can handle small and midsize sedans as well as larger SUVs. This service can be carried out by one of our simple Repo trucks. These trucks are the ones that we use for quick and short full wrecker services. Especially when all we need to do is remove a car from the side of the road quickly. Since in these types of trucks the 2 back tires of the vehicles remain touching the ground we really don’t recommend using them for longer distances.

RV’s And Other Larger Vehicles

RV’s in some cases may seem very similar to SUV’s, but even the smaller versions of these vehicles, for the most part, have a tough time fitting into the average size truck. With other vehicles, we are typically referring to those trucks that are used for deliveries and even ice cream trucks. The thing is that these vehicles are a lot wider than your typical car. So even if lengthwise they can be pretty similar to an SUV the fact that they are so wide will force us to bring in a different truck!

Heavy Duty Towing

This service contemplates 18 wheelers or big rigs however you want to call them. These are obviously the heaviest type of vehicles out there that we handle. Which means that we can basically deal with anything south of a tank. We really like our chances of being able to handle any incident on the road on a given day! This service includes winch outs and rotators services for very large vehicles. Plus we can also tow heavy duty machines and very heavy objects that certain companies may need to move from place to place.

How Will I Know Which Type Of Truck Can Handle My Vehicle?

If you are a little confused as to why we would be telling you about all of the types of vehicles that we can tow don’t worry. All you need to do is to tell our customer service agent when you give us a call what type of vehicle is the one that would be requiring the service. We can take it from there. If the vehicle is tipped over or in an awkward position make sure that you mention it when you give us a call. We will get the right type of truck your way!